Drummond Dusk

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4296 Drummond Dusk

The Drummond group showcases SteelTech Framing, sleek Euro-Design seating with tufted seats and backs to create a contemporary seating experience that is durable enough to last for years.

4296-03-1152-89 Sofa 97”L x 44”D x 39”H
4296-02-1152-89 Loveseat 79”L x 44”D x 39”H
4296-01-1152-89 Chair 61”L x 44”D x 43”H
4296-10-1152-89 Ottoman 43”L x 25”D x 18”H
4861-1300-89 Lift Chair 36”L x 35”D x 45”H


  • Sleek Euro-Design with Recessed Arm
  • Tufted Seats and Backs
  • Padded Polyester Fabric on Seats/Backs/Arms
  • SteelTech Framing with thick steel spring rails
  • Comfort Coil Seating featuring Comfort-Gel
  • 3D Printed Microfiber upholstery
Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
Cleaning Code: W